Welcome to My Site

Hello, my name is Jason Schaumleffel.

I am currently a senior undergrad student at Muskingum University, where I am studying Political Science, Public Administration, and Economics.

My desired education path is to acquire my Masters or Doctorate in Public Administration and become a county administrator.

I am a member of the Tri-Valley Local School Board of Education, having been elected in November 2015. I was the youngest candidate in the United States to be successfully elected into office in 2015.

I also run and operate Albertee.com and a YouTube page GamersGoneTech, where I discuss an engaging new currency called Bitcoin and the latest tech news.

I am also highly active with on campus activities, in particular, my role as executive president of the student body and my involvement in Orbit Media, where I’ve co-anchored and written stories for the Black & Magenta. As my role as president, I also serve on the Muskingum University Board of Trustees.