President Taylor Little is sitting at the the exec board table, where he resides over the body of student senators. Mr. Little is smiling with his fingers crossed.

President Taylor Little sitting in front of the senators during normal Tuesday meetings.

Taylor Little is the President of Muskingum University’s Student Senate.

He is the head of the exec board, as well as a voting member of the Muskingum University’s Board of Trustees.

“It can be hectic, I have a very tight schedule, but it’s also fun” said Little.

“I like running meetings, I like talking to people, and I like trying to see if we can make constructive changes here at Muskingum University.”

President Little is currently an academic junior, who is double majoring in history and political science.

So how did this Muskingum Student get involved in student senate?

“I joined student senate my freshman year, and I have been involved in student government since high school” said Little.

“I wasn’t going to run, but I had a friend who was running for president (of the class of 2016).”

She convinced him to participate in student government and he ran for vice president.

However, Little did not run unopposed in his election.

Little said, “Actually two good friends of mine, well they weren’t good friends of mine, but they became great friends of mine, Shannon Williams and Daniel Barr ran against me.”

He went on to win this election and represent his class of 2016.

Like many Muskingum Students, President Little values his education very highly and when asked why he choose his particular major he had this to say,

“Well I’ve always been very passionate about history, it’s from vacations with my family.

From when I was young, My dad always use to take us to Gettysburg, Yorktown, and all the great historic sites on the east coast here.”

In regard to his decision to major in political science, little said,

“I’ve just always been interested in government and in the political process and democratic processes. I’m very patriotic. Political science just fits very well with me.”

Student Senate has recently been investigating the possibility of starting recycling in the student dorms.

President Little said, “My happiest moment, so far, I think it happened this year.

We changed our bylaws to create a new system for instituting committees. It had always been a gray area in our bylaws and it was kind of difficult to form committees and get people to stick to that.

Senator Connor Hann, the west hill representative, he brought some language and we voted on that this semester.

“It is really structured in a way that will move us forward as far as committee work. I think that’s a great thing, a great legacy for him, and for everyone senate now to have,” said Little.

President Little went on to discuss how he felt that a recycling program would be a huge benefit to our campus and our impact on the environment.

When asked what his goals where as the top leader of all students on campus,

President little said, “So going along with that committee reform, that I just talked about.

We instituted a new committee that is exploring recycling in the residence halls.”

He would like to move forward and see recycling in the residence halls. That’s his goal, for his tenure.

On April 18th, during board weekend President Little will have the distinctive honor to represent the Muskingum University Student body and student senate as a voting member with the Muskingum University Board of Trustees.

This will be his first opportunity to participate since he was elected at large by Muskingum students to exec board president.

Little said, “I’m excited! I’m writing up a report right now to tell them all what we have been doing in student senate and the student body.”

This is a picture of President Little sitting at his desk, working as the acting building floor RA. He is smiling and has his hands folded.

President Little working by the entry of Thomas, ready to help students in need of help.

President Little is also very active on campus, he has worked very hard to attend a variety of campus events.

One issue that student senate has had this year is a surplus of funds, President Little is always sure to remind the student senate, of due-diligence and fairness to the funding of all student run organizations.

“I would tell Muskingum University students, work hard.

Try new things, try different things, if there is something you want to do, I would say go for it. Regardless of whether you think that you’ll be accepted or you’ll get the job or whatever it is.

It’s better to try and maybe fail, than to wonder, year down the road, gee if I had done that. What would that had been like,” said Little.

“And I think, try lots of things and be turned down for a few and accepted for a few is better than not trying at all.”

President little plans on continuing to advance the standard of life for students at Muskingum University, and hopes he can use his position to further the lives of every student.

His signing off wish was that students either watch or attend student senate meetings every Tuesday night at 8:00PM.